sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Puzzle Connect

You have to connect the pairs of images in order to complete the puzzle before time runs out.

Use your finger holding the image square, as image below:

You will be able to repeat the image while you holding your finger on squares, so you can connect the image to their destination pair.

The game goal are connect all pairs of image by holding your finger in squares until reach the image destination.

See below the game's printscreens:

Selecting level to play:

Puzzle level to be solved:

Puzzle level connected and solved:

The game are available for download on Android Market:


sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

Puzzle Jewel

You have to rotate the jewelry in a counterclockwise direction and complete the puzzle according to the pattern before time runs out.

The green frame at the top right identifies the pattern of the puzzle that must be followed, the whiteboard is the biggest puzzle being assembled according to the standard picture in green, as image example below:

The images of the four corners (upper left, below and right) cross around where you clicked will be rotated in a counterclockwise direction. Important to note that the image clicked will not rotate, but the images around this, always following a cross, as explained above. As shown below we have a sequence to achieve the goal of the puzzle.

Below some screens of the game,  with a brief explanation.

Selecting level with navigate like Angry birds :0)

 On selection level  you will be able to submit your score to on-line ranking (social network scoreloop), this screen has help, sound configuration and link to game page on facebook:


Screen for main game screen:

You have to complete the puzzle until the times on top left screen over.

It's a hard puzzle but the difficult will increase as you goes to the next levels.


The game goal is to keep the objects that fall in the balance. For each world there many objects to be release in order to falling. Each object has a diferrent weight and elasticity.

Selecting level with navigate like Angry birds :0)

 On selection level  you will be able to submit your score to on-line ranking (social network scoreloop), this screen has help, sound configuration and link to game page on facebook:


Shot screen for main game screen:

The rules are simple:

if the ball fall out of balance 3 times you loose.
if the objects was not balance you loose.
when all objects on the left was falling will be started a counter, if the objects keep balance in the end of countdown you win and will be able to choose on screen below if you want to repeat the level, choose other level or goes to the next level.

It is a simple game, but help me to learn a litle bit how to program with colision detection and physics based game.

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Kama Sutra Memory Game

The most amazing erotic game with gorgeous kamasutra positions images.

Your goal is unlock the kama sutra image for each level, in order to do that just tap in the pair of image card displayed. Finish the game in order to unlock an special bonus, good luck!

This first version has English and Portuguese Languages, soon I will publish the Spanish translate and more Kama Sutra Levels.

See some screens of the game:

Main menu (tap the flag to change game language) :

Playing level:

Bonus Screen: For reasons of age restrictions these images are only available on application.

sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Psn Trophy Widget

The best amazing widget for PSN in your android!

Enjoy this full version that you will be able to get all deep information about you and your friend's games.

* keep more informs in widget as you actual level
* Send the game information by email.
* Points earned and points to be achieve in each game.
* change the psnid in order to see your friends games and send to email.
* Detailed score of each game, just touch on game list image in order to see it.

First step, Choose and add the widget as image below:

Second Step, touch on avatar widget below:

So, after that you will be able to change my PsnId for your PsnId or any you want. In order to do that just fill the field and press save button.

As images below you can see all your games or friend's games information:

List of games:

Detailed game info:

Send game info to email:

terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Coach English

Keep your English updated training with over 500 phrases. Repeat the sentences available in all tenses. Listen carefully and then type what you hear, you will be informed every sentence is hit or not. Record your results with the time it took you to finish each workout. See wrong and correct answers. Send it to your personal email in a report format. Surely an excellent application in order to constantly improve your knowledge of English.

Video Showing how to use the application at youtube:


 Help screen also available on application:

We holpe you  enjoy it! :-)