sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011


The game goal is to keep the objects that fall in the balance. For each world there many objects to be release in order to falling. Each object has a diferrent weight and elasticity.

Selecting level with navigate like Angry birds :0)

 On selection level  you will be able to submit your score to on-line ranking (social network scoreloop), this screen has help, sound configuration and link to game page on facebook:

Shot screen for main game screen:

The rules are simple:

if the ball fall out of balance 3 times you loose.
if the objects was not balance you loose.
when all objects on the left was falling will be started a counter, if the objects keep balance in the end of countdown you win and will be able to choose on screen below if you want to repeat the level, choose other level or goes to the next level.

It is a simple game, but help me to learn a litle bit how to program with colision detection and physics based game.

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