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Puzzle Jewel

You have to rotate the jewelry in a counterclockwise direction and complete the puzzle according to the pattern before time runs out.

The green frame at the top right identifies the pattern of the puzzle that must be followed, the whiteboard is the biggest puzzle being assembled according to the standard picture in green, as image example below:

The images of the four corners (upper left, below and right) cross around where you clicked will be rotated in a counterclockwise direction. Important to note that the image clicked will not rotate, but the images around this, always following a cross, as explained above. As shown below we have a sequence to achieve the goal of the puzzle.

Below some screens of the game,  with a brief explanation.

Selecting level with navigate like Angry birds :0)

 On selection level  you will be able to submit your score to on-line ranking (social network scoreloop), this screen has help, sound configuration and link to game page on facebook:

Screen for main game screen:

You have to complete the puzzle until the times on top left screen over.

It's a hard puzzle but the difficult will increase as you goes to the next levels.

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